Friday, August 08, 2014
Sunshine outside

with a touch of chill in the air. While it will probably get warmer in the day, for now it is chilly, at least to me.

I have so many projects going that it is hard to know where to start. I'm not one of those who start but one project and keep going at it until it is finished, at least not with spinning or knitting. That is probably why I need so many looms and wheels just so that each can have their own project on them and I can pick and choose. Knitting needles? I just turn to my bag that weighs at least five pounds or more and I'm not kidding at all. It is one of those over night type bags and it is just stuffed with needles. Wherever I turn it seems I have another unfinished project awaiting my attention. Some wait quietly and others seem to scream for attention.

For now between days of computer and spinning a beautiful blend of blues fiber, I am working on some leg warmers for winter. Haven't decided if I will keep them or sell them but they are turning out nicely and as one is almost finished, it is easy to keep my attention on them. At least for now.

Would love to hear what others are working on and so I am contemplating the start of a list on yahoo or some such so that we can talk. I would need to limit it to folk interested in such and not just anyone who wants to talk about things that aren't on topic. Sometimes off topic things are nice but not all the time as most would be interested in fiber/craft things only.

Spin happy and knit without fear!

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Tuesday, August 05, 2014
Riding On

It has been many years since I went horseback riding and I am now taking lessons. The horse that was chosen for me is very gentle and is also used to teach small children to ride so I am safe. Her name is Wraisie and she is trained for dressage--a champion she is so I feel grateful that I am entrusted to ride her even with hands on help from her trainer. Getting up isn't too much trouble, but by the time I am ready to dismount my leg has almost fallen asleep and is difficult to lift off for the dismount.

I will never be much of a rider, but it is fun and good exercise.

I have plied the yarn that I was working on and now need to wash it and hang it to dry. Will photograph it when all is finished. Looks like the cotton candy that I described before. Nice muted colors and is such a large skein that I didn't want the husband to use the niddy noddy to skein it up. Actually he wasn't sure he could, so I told him not to and that I would do it instead.

Today is computer day and I will try to catch up on some work online whilst the husband goes grocery shopping. Tuesday is senior day and a small discount is given to seniors. Not much, but every bit helps when on a limited income.

Spin happy and knit without fear!

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Sunday, July 27, 2014
Sunday morning

Whilst I sit here and type, the Yankees are playing baseball on TV. I enjoy baseball and football although for the most part I watch our local teams only. I make an exception for the Yankees as they have several players who used to be on our local team but have been traded away and I like to keep up with them.

Have you ever "discovered" a craft item amongst your stash that you had forgotten you had? I did the other day. I do remember it now, but it had gotten tucked away with other items and the spindle and the fiber it was with had long been forgotten. What a nice surprise! Almost like a new purchase without the price tag attached. <lol>

I have been spinning up about a pound of fiber and have but a small bit to finish before I am done. Will still have to ply it before it is totally finished as well as wash it. It is a beautiful multi color of blues, greens, yellows and pinks. Very pale, almost like cotton candy. A bit nubby but not too much. I tried to smooth the largest nubs out to make it a bit smoother with just a bit of the nubby texture left in. Will be nice to feel how this turns out.

It is sunny today so we have opened the basement door to air out the basement. We get so much rain in the Pacific Northwest, that to open the door during the winter would let in dampness and our basement is pretty dry.

Spin happy and knit without fear!

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Wednesday, July 23, 2014
Quiet for so long

Whilst my plans for the past year or so were to post every day or two, life got in the way. I broke my back after a bad fall, and was left recovering for almost a year. The insurance company wouldn't pay for surgery, so I had to wait for my back to heal by itself. A total recovery never happened, and I am left with a back that doesn't allow me to stand for long although I can sit for a few hours at a time. The sitting is an improvement. Still, mostly I must be in a recliner that has me tipped at a slight degree and the pain isn't as bad.

This will remain for life and I have been getting used to it physically and working on getting used to it emotionally. Very difficult for a type A personality and someone who is used to being physically active albeit in a wheelchair whilst away from home. The docs have "taken away" my canes and I must use a walker in the house. Very slow and I look longingly for my canes.

The break in my back diagnosed me with osteoporosis so anything is possible to break. <sigh> If it isn't one thing, it is another.

Anyways, I am back to normal or as normal as I will get. I can again do my spinning and knitting and hope to return to weaving in the near future.

My etsy store is still open so go to and do a search for fromewetoyou. Thank you for standing by me so patiently for such a long time and thank you to those who sent well wishes. I will try to stay in touch more often.

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Friday, June 08, 2012
Trying to play catch up

This was the year when I was going to keep up with my blog and post at least each month. Three surgeries later and this hasn't been the year when such has happened. The last surgery took three months to recover from. Not sure if old age has creeped up on me and such time is needed or that particular surgery took a lot out of me. Probably the latter.

I am up and around and trying to get back to normal with work, but it is slow going around here.

Had a horrible accident with my Patrick Green carder. My Bo Dog pulled it off the table and it hit the floor. Bo Dog was fine thank goodness, but the carder was not so lucky. The damage was enough to make me cry, but the husband worked on it and he says it works fine. I haven't gone down and tried it out as yet, but he did so maybe it will be okay. I'm on the list to get another--gotta have a back up around here! <lol>

I'm so glad my Bo Dog was alright, he could have been hurt terribly if the carder had landed on him. I always put a cover over the carder when I am not using it and since it was winter, I had a heavy blanket on it. The carder isn't supposed to be exposed to cold temps, and it is in the basement and I felt it needed the extra blanket. That is what Bo Dog grabbed hold of and away everything went.

Spin happy and knit without fear!

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Friday, December 16, 2011
Holidays upon us

First let me wish a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to everyone! The holiday season seems to go so fast and before we know it, we are so busy that we often don't get back to our work whether it be computer or crafting.

Most of my shopping is done and wrapped and all the cards are in the mail. I still need to finish braiding a strap for the amulet bag that I made for my oldest son from wolf fiber that I spun over the summer for a friend. She let me keep some of it for myself for all my work and I will spin more for her when she sends it to me over the years.

I was off to a sock knitting retreat as well as a spinning retreat recently and enjoyed both very much. I don't get the chance to meet with those friends except at retreats so it was especially nice to do so.

What have I been spinning lately? Merino and yak mix which is turning out to be a coal gray--very pretty and oh so soft. Next I will be working on some pencil merino that I received at a Christmas gift exchange and then onto some cashmere and later some camel fiber. Lots of work ahead of me.

Be sure to check out my web site at

We have lots of fiber as well as yarn and hand knitting books.

Spin happy and knit without fear!


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Monday, June 20, 2011
Time slips by

......and before one knows it, the days and weeks have slipped into months and only then does one remember to get back and post a blog. For some this posting may be an everyday thing, but for me it is not. I think of it, but only after I have put away the computer with a "dang it, I forgot again!" But here I am and I didn't forget today.

The Spring Puyallup Fair was nice as always and I did remember to get my scones--just love those. Had to go a day early so I didn't get a fleece as I usually do. On Fridays the fleece are judged and not up for sale. I did get some already dyed fiber and that will be fun to work with.

It is still rainy and a touch of sun every now and again around here. Typical spring weather, but not doing anything good for the garden as the nights are too cold for the seedlings to be growing as we would wish.

Haven't gone camping as yet, but hope to before the end of the month. We have a large dog pen to set up and leave as a permanent enclosure to keep the dogs and grandkids separate. We have cattledogs and they are a bit much for kids to be around until the grandkids are old enough to understand how to act around dogs.

A friend of mine has been knitting sweaters for my store you can see them at:

Here is one of them. It is mohair and goes from daytime to evening with the change of accessories that are included with the sweater.

Spin happy and knit without fear!

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Monday, April 04, 2011
Still Here

Seems I seem to have been "lost" from Blogdrive for a bit, but my account is still here and all is well in blogging world. I've been with them for years, so I'm not sure how they thought I had left.

Anyways, as usual I have been busy and am almost finished knitting a very long scarf of the most beautiful blue color--peacock bue they call it, but it is deep blue and the fiber is wool/mohair. Very nice and will go into my store. I'm also planning on knitting a shawl for my daughter in law for Christmas and it will be started as soon as the yarn arrives. It will be a ribbon yarn in the color of ink--looks black to me, and many of her dress up clothes are black so hope it will match up nicely.

Planning on a camping trip with the grandkids some time this month and have a retreat in July. I'm thinking of using that retreat time to do some spinning and working on the shaw.

Spin happy and knit without fear!

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Monday, March 14, 2011
Such a rainy winter.....

and no true sign of spring as yet. Bulbs are starting to pop out, but no flowers and even seeds planted in the hot house are failing to do much more than peek out from the earth.

Have been busy with spinning and a bit of knitting but it is hard to really get going when the weather wants one to cuddle up with a good book instead. Wednesday is my day for flicking fiber and getting it ready to card so I have tried to keep up with that but it is still too cold to go down into the basement and work with the carder.

Spin happy and knit without fear!

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Tuesday, January 04, 2011
Nice to be recognized by others

This morning I awoke to find that one of my rovings had been included in someone's Etsy Treasury! What a delight it was and the roving is one of my favorites, one that I had hand dyed and has lots of beautiful subtle colors. Inexpensive as well so you should check out my etsy store at:

Etsy folk are so nice and I've done trades with many--still do. Receive many wonderful items in return that make great presents for myself and others.

Grocery shopping day but I'm not going, it is just too cold out for me with my Raynaud's Syndrome so the husband will go it alone. He doesn't mind the cold and likes to get out and about. I'm more the home body but I do like to travel if I have someone to "dog sit" for my dogs.

Now here is an purse that I hand wove on a little square loom. So tightly woven that it does not need a lining although you could give it one if you wished:

Spin happy and knit without fear!

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