Entry: Did it this time Thursday, August 14, 2014

For years I wanted to go to a Dude Ranch. I used to ride horses on occasion, but I know that I would have to practice more if I were to do this at my age. I went where us disabled folk can go and the folk know how to work with us and the horses are gentle. The first two times I was on a very gentle horse named Wraise. Great horse but 16 hands tall. The third time they saddled up a shorter horse named Levi for me. Never made it on him as he moved at the last moment and under him I went.

I am so bruised and my left hand is badly sprained. Could have been much worse and is one of those things that happens so fast that no one could have stopped it.

In my mind I am still working out whether I should try again or just consider what could have happened and consider myself lucky that nothing worse happened. Probably the latter.

Spin happy and knit without fear.


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