Entry: Wraisie and Levi Tuesday, August 19, 2014

MS and horseback riding are supposed to go well together. Riding helps to build core strength and balance. My horse was a 27 year old mare that is used to train six year olds how to ride as well as working with other students training for dressage. She is very gentle and has a smooth gait.

After a few rides, I was given Levi to try out as he is shorter than Wraisie's 16 hands high. Levi is 17 years old and a gelding. On this day he seemed a bit antsy and prancing about. On my attempt at mounting, he decides to move and it left me to swing under him and land under his hooves. Iron horse shoes and human flesh don't go well together and the two of us played a game of tic tac toe across my body. I am bruised and sprained all over, some places worse than others.

Still it could have been worse but I think my attempts to work with horses is over as this puts in place just how bad this could have turned out. For me, horses are for petting and feeding carrots to, not for riding.

Oh, knitting horses and weaving them is alright too! <laugh>

Spin happy and knit without fear


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