Entry: Spindle Spinning Tuesday, August 26, 2014

I tried spinning with my spindle and I was able to use it for a short time even with my broken wrist. The fiber is a beautiful mixtures of browns and gold. This fiber had moth eggs and a few dead moths in it when I received it. When such is present, the best thing to do is to put it into the freezer for a week or so. Kills everything and the fiber is then safe to use. No sense in wasting it.

I waste as little wool as possible, skirting only the most heavily waste coated areas. Most of a fleece is useable and I use as much as possible.

I haven't tried knitting as yet. I think it might be a bit too much twist in my hand, but I might give it a try even if I can't to it for long.

Spin happy and knit without fear!


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