Entry: Finally typing Thursday, October 02, 2014

Yes, I'm finally typing without too much pain and it is sure easier to type with two hands rather than just one. Especially when one is visually impaired and I type by touch typing as I was taught so many years ago.

I am also knitting again even if it is slow going. The twist in my wrist that is needed hurts still. The doc has me going to physical therapy for both wrist and knee twice a week for a month and then we will go from there. The wrist feels better and I do think the physical therapy will help although it might take a while. The knee I'm not so hopeful for and it might still take surgery.

I purchased this beautiful old spinning wheel and just had the time to use it yesterday. It and I had a bit of getting used to each other. Finally the husband came in and found where the adjustment for "take in" needed for yarn to go onto the spindle part. Ah ha! This made things different and all was fine.

Such a beautiful wheel, and definitely hand made. So very intricate in the carving. I've never studied old wheels such as this so it is difficult to say whether any old wooden wheels were "mass produced" or made by the local "dealers". Still, it is beautiful and a delight to the fingers.

Spin happy and knit without fear!


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