Entry: Xmas is upon us Friday, December 19, 2014

After several months of physical therapy, my wrist is much better. Some movements cause pain, but I was told that my knitting and weaving are excellent therapy for my wrist so that is good. Ribs are healed but my knee is still a bit of a problem. Back? Very weak and just doesn't want to "heal" as I call it although it is healed as far as x-rays show.

I can live with this if I must as it doesn't affect most of the work I enjoy doing. The ability to get down on my knees and get up again I miss--no gardening, playing on the floor with the grandkids, brushing the dogs, and such, but such is life as one gets older.

Getting ready for the holidays. Cards are mailed, gifts wrapped, tree is up and decorated. The husband has a few last minute things to do and the cookies need to be baked. We are having duck and all the trimmings here and the next day we will be at the grandkids house for another celebration.

Spin happy and knit without fear!


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